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  • Blendtek Blender Fruit GI
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Blendtek blenders

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Blendtek's are amazing blenders. They raise the art of blending and smoothie making to another level. If you have never seen a Blendtek in operation you will be astounded at the power, speed and blending capacity. There is literally nothing that you cannot blend.

The best thing about this blender is the high speed breaks down plant cell walls to make the nutrition it holds available to your body. You are not only getting a superior texture and taste, you are actually getting a healthier option.

We have the Blendtek HP3A which creates the best in taste and texture. It is driven by a patented Power Drive System provides superior results due to the combination of motor power (1560 watts), the direct drive socket and the jar and blade design.

These components work together to crush ice and frozen fruit into a microfine smooth texture.

The Blendtek HP3A is packed with features including:

  • The Blendtek patented square jar design that forces ingredients into the blending vortex which ensures all ingredients are blended. The jar can process wet and dry ingredients and is easier to cean than regular blender jars
  • Stainless stell blades that are strong and tough and crush anything
  • Operating off smart-touch technology. There's no guesswork with the Blendtek. There are 25 pre-programmed cycles for everything from smoothies, juices, ice cream to bread dough. The cycles feature an automatic cut-off when the cycle is complete
  • Bright blue LCD screen which the time remaining on the bend cycle and the current cycle
  • The high-talk 1,560 watt motor that blends anything. That's 3 horse power, pretty much comparable to a small lawn mower
  • Jars have graduated markings in mls, cups and ounces up to 1,000 mls
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight jar construction. They are tough, BPA free, constructed in one piece (including the handle) and can pour from three sides, and
  • Compact size that is easily stored

This package comes complete with:

  • HP3A power drive unit
  • Standard 2 litre 4-side jar
  • Additional 3 lite 5-side Wild Side jar
  • 213 page 'Fresh Blends' blender tips and recipes from smoothies to pancakes, and
  • Seven year warranty

The Blendtek is a money saver. Lunch for me is a smoothie that would be impossible to make with any other blender. It's also a time and health saver. When you are too busy to put together a nutritious lunch you can throw 10 things in the Blendtek and in about two minutes work you have a healthy nutritious meal.

Of all the blenders on the market the standout is the Blendtek. It is a standout for a number of reasons:

Power and speed

iPhone Cruching Power
If you have seen the videos on YouTube of the Blendtek founder blending garden rakes, golf balls and an iPhone into powder you will already be up to speed with the power of the machine.

The Blendtek sports 3 peak horsepower, 1,560 watt motor that spins the blades at an eye-popping 482 kilometres per hour


High-end Quality
Blendtek is built at the top end of quality. Have a look at the photos showing the internal mechanics. This is solid workmanship that is built to last. The jars are not like your normal supermarket blender jars. They are built from break-resistant, BPA-free plastic and are made to last.

The blender will pulverise any food or beverage you can throw at it. Grains, coffee beans, ice, frozen fruit, nuts and seeds.

Compact design

Sturdy and Compact
The Blendtek is sturdy and compact. It is less than 40 cm tall with jar and lid on. It's easy to find a place for it on the kitchen bench. Blendtek blenders are in fact smaller than a lot of other blenders, particularly given there is no need to have a food processor when you own a Blendtek.

It's heavy! There are five and a half kios of motor sitting in that little compact base. But that is where the power comes from.

Blender jars

Durable and Break Resistant
There are three mixing jar options with the Blendtek and two of them come as standard with the HP3A Total blender.

The package comes with the 1.8 litre standard 4-side jar and the 2.7 litre 5-side Wild Side jar.

With the Wild Side jar you can pack it full of any range of ingredients, fresh or frozen, hit the smoothie button and in 30 seconds you will have a rich, creamy smoothie. Nothing gets stuck. It produces a consistently good product time after time.

There is also a compact Twister Jar that is specially designed for grinding grains and making but butters. It is also ideal for making sorbets and ice crea.


Electronic Inteface
Blendtek offers patented smart-touch technology which allows you to push a button and walk away to have it run through a hands free automatic programme cycle that stops when it is completed.

The Blendtek also has buttons that allows you to manually cycle through its 10 speeds. It also has a Pulse button. If you forget on a manual setting the Blendtek will automatically shut off after 50 seconds.

Juicing option

Alternative to Juicing
Using the Blendtek gives you an alternative and healthier option to juicing. Rather than juicing an apple and orange I will blend the apple and orange with a little water and ice to make a 'juice'. You need to experiment with the quantities to suit your taste but it's an option that retains 100% of the fibre.


Simple Cleaning
Depending on what you have blended, cleaning the Blendtek is as easy as putting in some water and a drop of detergent and run a blend cycle.

The Blendtek does not have removable blades as they are fused into the jar but the straight blade and square design make it easier to clean than a conventional round-jar blender.

The square design also makes it easier to pour smoothies and scrape out thick nut-butters or doughs.


High Performance
This is not your average blender. It is a high performance, commercial quality machine. The Blendtek takes smoothie making to a new level.

The range of foods and drinks you can create is quite astounding and mostly you will just be limited by your imagination. A short list to start with includes:

  • Smoothies of all shapes and sizes
  • Ice cream and sorbet
  • Iced coffee
  • Milk shakes
  • Batters
  • Nut butters
  • Hot soups
  • Flours from whole grains
  • Hommus
  • Salsa and dips, and
  • Plus, plus, plus
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