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  • Twister Jar GI
  • Sweet Potato Soup GI
  • Twister Jar Nuts GI
  • Raspberry Sorbet GI

Blendtek twister jar

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The newest Blendtek innovation is the Twister jar. It is designed to blend your thickest recipes such as nut butters, hommus, baby food, dips, ice creams and sorbet, thick shakes and a whole range more.

The jar is compatible with all Blendtek Home Blenders including the HP3A.

To use the Twister jar simply add ingredients, select your cycle and twist the lid counter-clockwise while the blend cycle is in action. The Twister jar has two prongs that penetrate down either side of the jar to just above the blades amd the twisting motion forces the ingredients from the side of the jar back onto the blades.

The Twister jar allows you to make a perfect blend with even the stickiest or thickest of ingredients, every time. The jar also comes with a special spatula that is engineered specifically for the Twister jar so that you can virtually every morself of food out of the jar.

There are some recipes for sorbet in the recipe section that you would not think possible to make at home without specialised equipment.

The specifications for the Twister jar include:

  • Compatible with all Blendtek Home Blenders
  • Holds a total volume of 1 litre
  • Made from durable damage-resistent BPA-free Copolymer
  • Easy to read jar markings graduated up to 500 mls
  • Uses a mini version of the patented wing-tip blade, and
  • Comes with the customes Blendtek Spectacula spatula

The smaller size jar allows you to blend very small quantities which is not possible with most blenders. The jar also allows high speed blending of things like nut butters. You can make perfect peanut butter in about 35 seconds.

The Twister jar comes with the same level of quality and endurance as the Home HP3A blender. The thing that makes the Twister jar stand out from the field is the innovation:

Power and speed

Same Blendtek Power
With the Blendtek Twister jar you are utilising the same Blendtek power. The Blendtek Twister jar sits on top of that same 3 peak horsepower, 1,560 watt motor that spins the blades at 482 kilometres per hour. Easy to see why something as difficult as 500 mls of nut butter can be made in 35 seconds odd.

Sticky blends

Thick and Sticky
The Twister jar handles the blend jobs that are sticky and thick. The ones that in another jar might require stopping and scraping the sides of the jar. The Twister jar completely does away with that. The difficult jobs become a continuous blend.

Because you also maximise efficiency you are blending for a shorter period of time which in sorbet and ice cream making is a real bonus. I can make a superb Blueberry Coconut Sorbet that comes out of the blend cycle still frozen and holding that sorbet shape.

Small portions

Little of a Lot
With the Blendtek Twister jar you have the option to easily make small portions. The compact jar combined with the Twister prongs means that you can easily pull together a sauce or dip, cream cheese or spread in seconds without having to load up the quantities to get enough volume to blend.


Exceptional Performance
The Twister jar is an exceptional innovation from a company known for their innovation. It is one of those inventions where you start using it and appreciate the simple beauty of it and wonder how nobody had thought of it before.

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