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About Us

About Us Circa 2012

Natural Abundance started in 2012 as an importer and ecommerce retailer of coconut products through this website. Our core philosophy was and remains to only sell products that we use ourselves, or we would use or recommend. We only sell products we believe make a positive difference in people’s quality of life and wellbeing

We also attempt to provide you with good quality information that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether the products advertised are right for you.

We also have a do-it-yourself philosophy where possible. We believe this is an essential part of what leads to a life-long commitment to health. Where there is an alternative to simply buying a supplement off the shelf, exploration of a hand-crafted alternative should be the first option. The investment you make in crafting your own health solution is part of the ownership of your individual healthy future and one of the secrets to appreciating the reward good health brings you. We value the rewards we work for.

The original version of this blurb About Us went on to say, ‘for me this is typified by my Coconut Kefir making ritual. I simply can’t go out and buy it if I forget to make it’. Of course today I can go out and buy it, but at an eye-watering price of $17 or so a small bottle I still prefer to make my own for about $3 a litre.

About Us Circa 2016

The original philosophies have remained the same. We said back in 2012 we had a ‘let food by thy medicine’ philosophy. In 2016 after not having eaten take-away, food in a packet, ready-prepared food, shopped in a supermarket for food, food in a can (other than tomatoes when we get lazy), anything that might have been cooked in canola oil (which is of course just about everything you don’t prepare yourself) we actually have a deeper understanding of what that means. And how profoundly eating correctly can support your health.

Which all sounds a little dire really. But in practice it is not; unless you let it be. The Hippocrates philosophy sits snugly beside a maxim from Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld (a 17th Century French ex-Politician and Philosopher…with an impossibly hard name) ‘Preserving the health by too strict a regimen is a wearisome malady’.

The other change is that the focus is now more on the food we make. The Extreme Cake range and Raw Crackers are in about 30 stores around the country and they are our creative outlet.