Himalayan sea salt (course)

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Himalayan sea salt (course)

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Salt is an absolute essential for life but what we have come to see as 'table salt' is a manufactured product that has been stripped of 82 of the 84 naturally occurring elements that are found within natural crystallised salt. Sodium (97.5%) and chloride (2.5%) are the only two elements remaining in processed salt.

Himalayan sea salt is unique in that it is an unrefined, unprocessed combination of sodium, chloride and the other 82 mineral elements bonded within a crystalline structure that spent over 250 million years in development. It holds a number of advantages over other forms of salt, including:

  • It has a unique crystal structure that makes the 82 essential trace elements available in colloidal (small enough to be directly absorbed into cells) form
  • The 84 minerals and trace elements in Himalayan crystal salt are arranged in a structure that is chemically connected which is central to its ability to support optimal fluid balance
  • Being able to pass directly into cells supports the electrification of our body which in practical terms translates into energy, and
  • It is not farmed from the sea and does not contain any environmental pollutants

Himalayan Sea Salt has a range of documented health benefits that includes:

  • Acting as a natural antihistamine
  • Prevention of muscle cramps
  • Aids in the regulation of sleep
  • Optimising and maintaining healthy bone structure
  • Balancing body insulin levels
  • Facilitating communication between the cells of our body
  • Absorption of food into the intestinal tract, and
  • Prevention of gout and arthritis


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