Kombucha and kefir heat pads

  • Kombucha Heat Pad GI
  • Kombucha Heat Pad GI

Kombucha and kefir heat pads

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This is made in New Zealand quality and operates at a constant 25 watts. This product comes with a 12 months warranty. The pad is approximately 30 centimetres square.

A heating pad, particularly if you live in some of the colder areas in New Zealand can make fermenting your own probiotics at home much simpler, faster and more reliable. Lower temperatures mean a longer ferment and slower growth of the good bacteria in your cultures and render it more susceptible, particularly in the early stages of the ferment, to contamination by outside pathogens and mould.

The fermenting temperature also determines the quality and number of bacteria in your probiotic culture:

  • Kefir and Kombucha typically ferments optimally at temperatures between 23 to 28 degrees
  • Whilst there can potentially be up to 30 different bacteria and 25 different yeast varieties in your Kefir culture, each has its own particular temperature sensitivity and will not grow out of their optimum temperature range, and
  • You cannot compensate for a low temperature by increasing the time of the ferment and expect and optimum ferment in terms of maximising the live bacteria and yeast varieties in your culture

The heating pad is easy to use and economical. It has a range of uses including:

  • Fermentation of beer and wine and facilitates year round brewing in the coldest climates
  • Keeping your coconut oil liquid over winter, and
  • Plant and seed raising

The heat pad comes in blue as shown in the example photograph.

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