Chicken gravy


Once upon a time in the not-to-distant past I would make gravy out of a packet. Basically because as the single parent of two children time has always been at a premium and my any attempts to make gravy ended up like lightly flavoured cornflour.

Not only did it taste like lightly flavoured cornflour, it was competing against the packet versions which just tasted so much my children especially. Because the modern taste buds are attuned to 'rich' or 'distinct' tastes.

Of course the packet versions are 'richer' because they all pretty much contain, two or more of:

  • Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (which is code for MSG)
  • Flavours (which is another code for MSG)
  • Yeast Extract (which is another code for MSG)
  • Malt Extract ( guessed it...another name for MSG)
  • E621 or MSG
  • E627 which is a ribinucleotide designed to accentuate the flavour of MSG (so if you find E627 listed as an additive you know that MSG is in there somewhere, otherwise there is no use putting E627 in)
  • E631 which is another rubinucleotide MSG accentuater

Documenting a few of the major additives for the website has made me aware of just how pervasive the main group of chemical additives are. They are literally in everything. Hence needing to come up with a home-made gravy.

The solution ended up quite simple and it is a by-product of some of the pressure cooker meals I make. I generally end up with enough gravy for a number of meals and I freeze the leftover for future use.




Preparation time

You can use the preparation of any kind of meat, particularly in the pressure cooker, as an opportunity to plan in gravy as part of the end product.

At the end of the cooking time of the meal it is just a matter of separating out the juice and stock and thickening it to the desired consistency.



The ingredients can be a combination of a number of things but I generally use:

  • 2 brown onions
  • 1 or 2 tomatoes
  • Worcester sauce or a similar type of dark sauce
  • A mixture of herbs like rosemary, parsley, chives, tarragon
  • Garlic, and
  • Coconut Culinary Flour (High Fat)

Preparation & cooking

Step 1

My Step 1 is always caramalising at least two (or more) onions in coconut oil as the base for pretty much any meat dish I prepare in the slow cooker.

Simply slice and halve the onions and stiry fry until they are reasonably transparent.


Step 2

Step 2 is to add the meat and saute for about 10 minutes to impart the meat flavour into the onions and brown the skin of the meat. I stir and turn every minute or so.

In this case the meat was about 10 chicken drumsticks that were on special at the local supermarket for about $5 a kilo.


Step 3

When the 10 minutes saute is complete add the chopped onion, Worcester sauce and herbs. Mix through the meat and onion mixture.

Close the lid and pressure cook for 25 minutes.


Step 4

When the cooking is complete I open the pressure cooker and then add about a quarter to half a cup of Coconut Culinary Flour (High Fat), depending on how thick you want the gravy, and let the flour soak in the juices for 5 or 10 minutes.


Step 5

Once I have removed the meat I pour the remainder of the juice into the blender and blend for a few seconds. Generally at this stage it will only take a few pulses to blend completely.

And there you have it. The gravy is ready to add to the meal. The flavour is exquisite. You get a really nice swet flavour due to the onions and coconut culinary flour.

It's healthy! Kids love it! And you don't have to worry about all the rubbish that you would otherwise be putting into your body.

It's also not necessary to blend it. You can simply use the mixture as it is.

  • Chicken Gravy Plastic Bowl GI
  • Onion & Garlic Montage GI
  • Raw Chicken Drumsticks GI
  • Tomatoes Close Up GI
  • Chicken Gravy Plastic Container Lid GI
  • Chicken Gravy Plastic Bowl GI
  • Onion & Garlic Montage GI
  • Raw Chicken Drumsticks GI
  • Tomatoes Close Up GI
  • Chicken Gravy Plastic Container Lid GI

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