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Coconut blueberry muffins

This is one of my favourites. Cooking with coconut flour you have no choice but to make the mixture rich and moist, so I make it ultra-rich [...]

Carrot cake (coconut culinary flour)

This is a version of the traditional carrot cake but without any gluten in sight. It is a sensational recipe. I think the secret is that [...]

Overindulgent (Gluten Free) Chocolate Brownie

This recipe comes from Jean and Angela at the iCook Kitchen. When the Coconut Culinary Four (High Fat) arrived from Vietnam (and didn't [...]

Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Coconut Culinary Flour)

I gather from reviewing a few of the recipes that you are meant to start with a nostalgic story about your childhood and memories of [...]

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake (coconut culinary fibre/low fat)

I love a good banana cake. This recipe is a great moist version. The incredible thing about this recipe is that a 1.2 kg banana cake is [...]

Chocolate (Dairy Free) Cheesecake

This was the first time I had made this recipe or this type of food but it turned out surprisingly simple and the result was simply [...]

Muesli bars

Muesli bars, muesli bars, what can I say. I have fought over the sugar laden monsters for years but have regularly given in. Then feel [...]

Sticky date & ginger cake

It was going to be a sticky date cake, but at the last minute it had some ginger and a pureed granny smith apple so it should probably be [...]

Dairy Free Blueberry Cheesecake

This is another variation on-a-theme of dairy free cheesecake. Once you make a few of them and understand what works and what doesn't work [...]

Chocolate muesli bars (gluten free)

I have previously done the muesli bars rant...sugar, sugar, cheap polyunsaturated oil etc. The thing I left out was gluten. In the [...]

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Feijoa Cake

It’s that time of the year when the first Feijoa of the season have appeared on the Supermarket shelves for $10.50 a kg. Which prompted me [...]