The Natural Abundance philosophy is based on giving you a selection of high quality, good value products that we believe will make a difference to your quality of life and wellbeing. We do this hand-in-hand with giving you the information that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether the products advertised on the website are right for you.

This site has a do-it-yourself philosophy where possible and we believe this is an essential part of what will lead to a life-long commitment to health. Where there is an alternative to simply buying a supplement off the shelf; the hand-crafted alternative should be the first option. The investment you make in crafting your own health solution is part of the ownership of your individual healthy future and one of the secrets to appreciating the reward good health brings you. We value reward when we have worked for that reward.

For me that is typified by my Coconut Kefir making ritual. I can’t simply go out and buy it if I forget to make it.

We have a food is a medicine belief and if you take a supplement it should be integrated into your dietary routine rather than taking a few pills. You will find very few supplements on this site in softgel form; generally that will only be because they are not water soluble and impossible to take in any other form.

Wherever possible the products and supplements on this site are sold without fillers or additives and in their raw state.

Hopefully you will find lots of interesting information and resources around diet and exercise that might spur you into trying something new or a bit different.