A better way to clean your teeth!

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling, sometimes called Swishing it the practice of putting some oil in your mouth and then pushing, sucking and pulling it around the mouth for 20 minutes (if you can manage that) and then spitting out the oil and brushing your teeth.

The very worst you will get from the experience is whiter teeth and you quite probably will get a whole lot more.

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I have been Oil Pulling for about ten years and credit it with still having teeth and the rise in my overall level of health. I had severe gingivitis had defied other treatments and the dentist had basically given up on me. Oil Pulling reversed the gingivitis within about three months.

A couple of things stick in mind from back then. I started researching Oil Pulling and found a website where a guy had dedicated a lot of time to putting together a very detailed Blog which sought to show that there was no scientific basis to Oil Pulling. What stood out for me were literally hundreds of posts in response to the Blog, that said ‘yes, totally agree, but guess what, it works’. People then went on to detail their own experiences ranging from relief from headaches, neck pain through to arthritis.

The other thing was a gentleman, who wasn’t young, in his sixties I imagine, who came up to the Natural Abundance market stall at Mangawhai. He asked me if I had heard of Oil Swishing, I said I had, and he told me his own story. He’d suffered from sinus problems his whole life, tried every treatment known to mankind, started Oil Pulling and the sinus problems disappeared the next day. The thing that really peeved him was the discomfort he had put up with his whole life when the solution was really simple.

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So how does it work?

It’s not new. It is an Ayuvedic remedy that has been around for thousands of years. Weston Price (invented the root canal) called the mouth the focal point of infection as did Hippocrates. Keep the mouth clean and you have a better chance of keeping the body clean.

Doesn’t brushing your teeth do that? Not really. You are brushing your teeth with water and water-based substances. The majority of the germs in your mouth are lipid (oil) based so cleaning your teeth really has the effect of pushing the bacteria around your mouth. Oil pulling envelops those lipid based bacteria and then you spit them out at the end of the oil pulling cycle.

You only have to try it a number of times to know that something is happening to make your mouth feel as clean as it is. the comparison with cleaning the teeth with toothpaste is stark. Once the Oil Pulling is complete clean your teeth and you are ready to start the day.

The reported benefits include:

·      Healing bleeding gums

·      Whiter teeth

·      Fresher breath

·      Preventing cavities

·      Improving the symptoms and discomfort of arthritis

·      Preventing heart disease

·      Improving a range of skin conditions including acne, and

·      Boosting the immune system

The detoxification effects work on the whole of the body and are not just limited to oral health. I consider it one of the cornerstones of my good health. The biggest complaint I hear is the taste of coconut oil and wanting to gag. To counter the taste problem we put some Organic Peppermint Oil in our Oil Pulling Therapy Oil.

Wanting to gag? Perseverance probably cures that one.
Final word of advice. Don’t sneeze!!! It will spoil your whole morning!!