Oil Pulling Oil 500ml

Oil Pulling Oil 500ml


I originally made this for my children to encourage them adopting Oil Pulling as a daily routine and taking the ‘dad it makes me want to gag’, ‘dad it’s disgusting’ excuse out of the equation.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is blended with organic Peppermint Essence to mimic the fresh, clean, mint-in-the-toothpaste feel that we all grew up on.

How does the Oil Pulling routine work?

Mine is simple. Get up and put a spoonful of coconut oil in the mouth. Have a shower, check some emails, avoid company or whatever you can easily manage while sucking and pulling the oil through your mouth for 20 minutes. It’s almost impossible to go beyond 20 minutes because the sucking action has broken the oil down and it is no longer oil. At that point spit the oil out, gargle with some salt water, clean your teeth and you are ready to start the day.

Why would you do it? Cleaner teeth and a better feeling mouth is the short answer. The long answer is it just might be one of the most beneficial health routines you have ever adopted.

It’s a classic, the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts health remedy. What can pulling oil backwards and forward through your teeth for 20 minutes do. For starters try:

  • ·         Healing bleeding gums

  • ·         Whiter teeth

  • ·         Fresher breath

  • ·         Preventing cavities

  • ·         Improving the symptoms and discomfort of arthritis

  • ·         Preventing heart disease

  • ·         Improving a range of skin conditions including acne, and

  • ·         Boosting the immune system

How does it work? It’s not magic, although the results can be. The mouth is the gateway to infection and if you can keep the mouth clean your body you have an excellent chance of staying healthy and warding off infection.

The majority of the bacteria in your mouth are lipid based as attacking them with water and a toothbrush is not particularly effective. The oil in oil pulling envelops the lipid-based bacteria and then you spit them out at the end of the session.

Can’t make 20 minutes? Try 5 and build up. Can’t afford 20 minutes?

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