Ultimate Brownie

Ultimate Brownie

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This is a fundamentally different cake to the other cakes in the Extreme Cake range in that it doesn’t contain the same amount of fruit or vegetable to soften it. It is more your traditional American Brownie.

The original version had no fruit whatsoever. I hated making it. It gave me tendonitis trying to slice it. And I thought it generally had the texture of a Tux dog biscuit. But every time I would drop it people would email and say it was their favourite cake.

So, we reached a compromise. I added some fig, not enough to change the taste but enough to bring the hardness down human levels. Nobody particularly complained about the change.

We haven’t let it out to many shops but where it is stocked it is a regular good seller and I must admit, with a cup of coffee, it is pretty sublime.

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