Chocolate Banana Thins

Chocolate Banana Thins

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If you have already read the back of the Banana Thins packet you might want to skip to Step 5.

Step 1. Scoop up a motherload of ripe organic bananas and slice them into perfectly symmetrical 10mm slices; being careful to remove the outer covering, or skin, first.

Step 2. Marinate them in the special Natural Abundance Banana Thin Marinade. See the back label of Banana Thins for a more detailed description of the special Natural Abundance Banana Thin Marinade.

Step 3. Partially dehydrate to concentrate the flavour and aroma.

Step 4. Painstakingly blend the banana slices into a raw almond and flax cracker mix so as to retain some of the preserved banana ring shapes in the finished crackers.
Step 5. Simultaneously blend in raw cacao powder to give the rich chocolate colour and taste.

Step 6. Sprinkle with activated quinoa and chia seeds.

Step 7. Whip up a label.

Step 8. Convince someone to read this description and buy them.

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