Purple Rice Extract

Purple Rice Extract


I have listed PXP as a supplement but technically it is a whole food.

It is made from the bran hull of Purple Rice; the outermost layer of the rice grain and it contains one of the highest levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin that has been found in any food type.

And it is a 1:100 extract. Which in the world of supplements/antioxidants is pretty much unheard of. 20:1 is typical. 25:1 is reaching the upper limit and 50:1 is exceptional.

It is made from a re-constructed version of Purple Rice which was once known as the Forbidden Rice in China because it was only available to the Emperor and his elite army. Over time the rice was purity was diluted but it was reconstructed by a well-healed American who poured considerable sums of money into the ‘Rice University’ (yes there is such a thing) of Thailand to recreate the original strain.

Anthocyanin antioxidants have shown in a range of studies to prevent cardiovascular disease, protect against cancer, improve brain function and reduce inflammation.

However PXP Purple Rice works on a number of levels, particular its ability to penetrate your cells mitochondria (the power plants of your body) without losing potency. Which from my experience with taking it, is where it’s power derives.

My experience? I felt nauseous for the first three or so days. Then got euphoric, which quite a few people experience. Which made it hard to sleep, but even when I didn’t sleep I was quite energetic.

Then when that settled down my sleep was better and more rested, my mental health was better and like with taking Boron in the early days I was much more alert.

Unfortunately the euphoria wears off. But the sense of wellbeing stays.

Who would benefit and how:

1. Older rather than younger. If you are 20 and contemplating PXP Purple Rice it is probably not going to have a demonstrable effect in the short term. Your cells mitochondria should be working to optimum levels and the benefits might be negligible

2. Past 40 you are likely to experience a quantifiable benefit. The injection of energy and nutrients into your cells mitochondria potentially provide significant changes to energy levels and wellbeing

3. You have arthritis, it is highly likely that Purple Rice will provide relief if not more. The benefits with some people are profound

4. Improved energy levels is something common to PXP users

·5. Your mental wellbeing is likely to improve

·6. Your sleep should be more restful and waking should see with you more relaxed and alert

·7. Attention span and concentration powers are likely enhanced

8. Plus you will get a whole range of benefits that you are not likely to be able to quantify in the short term that result from free radical elimination, better digestion and metabolism, toxin elimination and increased hormonal function

And all that for the price of a cup of coffee a day!!

Plus, if it works for you I can set you up as a direct purchaser, which will reduce the cost to you by around 30%.

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